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Featured Articles

Science or Magic?

BY Rolland Vincent / Aug 28, 2016

Business Aviation Industry Update

Forecasting, an inexact science at the best of times, has come under close scrutiny throughout the business aviation community in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. And why not? In the search for answers to the inevitable questions like “Where are the markets going?” it’s been a tough time to be a forecaster.

Business Aviation Advisor Featured Articles

Getting Carded

BY Business Aviation Advisor Staff / Aug 27, 2016

Positioned between the pay-as-you-go occasional use of charter flying, and the long term financial obligations of a fractional share or whole aircraft ownership, the prepaid jet card offers an excellent option for alternate lift.A jet card can satisfy your regular business jet or turboprop travel requirements at preferred rates, with guaranteed availability, and allows you to review your business aircraft flight activity annually and adjust your commitment for the ensuing year accordingly.

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Wrenching Decisions

BY Ralph Michielli / Aug 27, 2016

A trustworthy, knowledgeable business aircraft maintenance service provider is one of your most important aviation partners: for safety, to help manage costs, and to protect your investment.Being informed before you begin evaluating potential maintenance partners shows them that you’ve done your homework and have high expectations for those with whom you work.

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A Whole New Whirled

BY Scott Ashton / Aug 28, 2016

A helicopter can be a powerful, efficient enhancement to your business flying, whether you own and use regularly, or charter occasionally. Consider three of its valuable uses:

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First Rate or Best Rate?

BY Adam Meredith / Aug 28, 2016

With so many great new and used aircraft available – and some very good buys too – how can you secure the best loan for your aircraft purchase?

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Empty Legs, Empty Promises

BY William Quinn / Aug 28, 2016

In the past decade, many new discount options to access business jet and turboprop travel have become available to many more travelers. Most of these new lower cost options involve booking all or some part of a repositioning or “empty leg,” often referred to as a “deadhead flight,” on a chartered aircraft. Since the empty leg operating costs already have been covered by the original charter customer, the charter operator can resell the empty leg at a significant discount – often as much as 50% – to another customer, or to a broker.

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