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Aircraft Ownership Options

The business jet age began more than 50 years ago, when the only ownership option was to buy and operate the aircraft. Since 1986, with the advent of the Netjets’ Fractional Share program, business aircraft users have had a second option: purchasing just as much flight time as they needed, via fractional ownership.

Full ownership requires purchasing the aircraft, as well as investing in the dedicated personnel, support equipment, services, and systems needed to have the aircraft continually available for your use. You can operate on your own as an independent flight department, or use a professional management company, using its aviation expertise as well as fleet buying discounts.

With fractional ownership, you own an equity position, or “share,” in one of a fleet of identically-equipped aircraft, which entitles you to fly a specified number of hours annually.

The fractional operator then manages your aircraft as part of its fleet –providing pilots, training, maintenance, and other services as required. You pay a fixed monthly management fee, and a per-flight-hour charge as you fly the hours. You also have access to all aircraft in the fractional fleet via an “interchange” agreement with all other owners of shares in identical fleet aircraft.

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