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Steve Fushelberger

Steve Fushelberger
Steve Fushelberger is a marketing and communications consultant to the business, general, commercial, and defense aviation industries. Possessing a Commercial Pilot license, he’s held senior leadership positions at Rolls-Royce, United Air Lines, Textron Aviation, and Leonardo.
Will That Be Cash or Credit

Will That Be Cash or Credit?

The decision to borrow money or pay cash for any capital asset, especially when that acquisition is a business aircraft, may...
The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

Nothing and no one is forever. Employees retire, become disabled, die, or are lured away. At some point, you’ll be required...
Penn Aerospace Solutions, LLC

Parting (Out) Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Parting, whether from relationships or jobs, is a fact of life. In today’s business aviation industry, for a variety of reasons, parting...