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Aviation Asset Management

Your aircraft requires the same level of management as any other capital asset. But unlike your other capital assets, its unique requirements mandate not only financial oversight, but also management of regulatory, operational, and safety issues. Because this capital asset doesn’t build or manufacture products – it transports you, your executives, family, and friends at 500 miles per hour, 41,000 feet above sea level, flying direct routes to more than 5,000 airports worldwide – many far from maintenance and ground service support.
That requires you to make a series of complex decisions even before buying an aircraft or a fractional share. Beginning with analyzing your travel requirements, Business Jet Advisor helps you decide whether chartering or acquiring a fractional or whole aircraft – or some combination – is the best solution for your unique needs.
For a fractional, you’ll need to decide:

  • Which operator has the aircraft fleet that best meets your travel requirements,
  • What size share to buy, and
  • Whether to buy a new or used aircraft share.

For whole aircraft, such decisions can include :

  • Selecting make and model,
  • Buying new or pre-owned,
  • Buying factory-direct or from an independent broker,
  • Establishing an independent flight department or using a professional management company, and
  • Flying only for you, the owner, or allowing outside charter to generate offsetting revenue.

When you charter, you will need to know:

  • How to find a reliable operator
  • Why price is never the most important consideration
For more about charter click here.

No matter what your level of aircraft ownership and operational expertise, Business Aviation Advisor provides the clear, concise information you need to help you to make the right decisions about how best to acquire and manage your aviation assets.

Business Aviation Advisor's content is presented by experts in all aspects of aircraft management: professionals knowledgeable in operations, legal and regulatory issues, insurance, aircraft finance, human resources, aviation real estate, charter and charter brokers, safety management providers and auditors, and third-party as well as owner aircraft management. These authorities provide Business Aviation Advisor readers with the most current and pertinent information they need to make the most effective and informed decisions about their business aviation investments.


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