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BAA March-April 2019

Planning to fly above 10,000 feet next year? You have just 10 months to comply with the FAA ADS-B Out mandate. The time to do so is now, since installation facilities already are heavily booked for the rest of 2019.

And if you’re planning to sell your non-ADS-B compliant aircraft, rather than upgrade, then prepare for reverse sticker shock. Rolland Vincent tells you more in our cover story, To ADS-B or Not To -B.

So how about some good news? As of January 22, if your aircraft already is properly equipped with ADS-B Out, you’re automatically authorized to fly in domestic RVSM airspace, saving you enormous time and energy, says David T. Norton. Find out why in High Flying.

You’ll find these stories and more in the March/April 2019 issue of Business Aviation Advisor.



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