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Bonus (Depreciation) Check

Maximize Your Benefit, Minimize Your Risk

How you handle your aviation assets, and especially when they are legally placed in service, can have a considerable effect on your finances and your taxes. How can you best structure your aircraft transactions and flight operations to solidify your bonus depreciation position in 2023? Attorneys Dan Feldman and David Shannon of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP talk about this and more in “Maximize Your Benefit, Minimize Your Risk.”

Ryan Waguespack joined the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) leadership team in November 2018 as Senior Vice President of Aircraft Management, Air Charter Services, and MROs – advancing a number of programs and efforts, including leading the charge in helping to end worldwide illegal charter activities, raising awareness of the value of aviation businesses to communities surrounding GA airports, overseeing the expansion of NATA’s training program platform, and assisting hundreds of aviation businesses navigate financial and regulatory relief programs.

As NATA’s Executive Vice President, Waguespack led its regulatory, industry, and member outreach efforts and programs, while taking on additional responsibility for safety program development.

Waguespack formerly was Vice President of Business Development at Summit Aviation and served in various business development roles for charter and management operations, as well as aircraft sales. He is the founder and owner of General Aviation Consultants in Birmingham, AL, and founded the Alabama Business Aviation Association in 2015. He is a frequent speaker at international, national, and state conferences.



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