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Understand Fractional Fair Market Value

Understanding Fractional Fair Market Value

As a fractional share owner, you don’t want to hear that your aircraft share value has diminished, especially if you are about to exit the program.

If the exit value is much lower than you expected, you may wonder whether someone made an error. As you re-read your contract, you’ll see the term “Fair Market Value.” You might be surprised to learn how – and by whom – Fair Market Value is determined.

In this podcast, brought to you by JETNET, Dan Dugger of Canvas Aviation, and author of “Costly Assumptions” in our May/June issue tells business jet and turboprop fractional share owners how to avoid “reverse sticker shock.” Listen in, and find out what you need to know when you are ready to re-up, upgrade, or sell your fractional share.

Dan Dugger is President of Canvas Aviation. With 25 years in aviation, he was VP Sales for both NetJets and Marquis Jet. A Board member for JAARS, he is a commercially licensed private pilot.


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