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Flexible Flyers

It’s been tough sledding for business aircraft owners and operators. With many aircraft parked and crews furloughed during the current quarantine, owners and charterers have had to modify their schedules as well as their expectations.

But there are better times ahead, as Par Avion’s David Wyndham, Business Aviation Advisor’s new featured moderator, discusses with established aviation consultant Brian Foley and NATA Senior Vice President Ryan Waguespack in Flexible Flyers,

Listen as they detail the better tools and processes under development to ensure you and your business aircraft passengers and crews remain safe.

When there’s more to be said than space and copy deadlines allow, you can rely on the Business Aviation Advisor Above and Beyond podcasts to get you the information you need, to help you make the most of your aviation investments.

Thanks for reading, listening – and flying safely!

David Wyndham
David Wyndham is the Executive Sales Director and Acquisition Specialist at Par Avion Limited, an international business aircraft brokerage firm. Prior to joining Par Avion, Wyndham served as President and co-owner of Conklin & de Decker where he helped develop an extensive range of aviation consulting services for individuals, corporations and government agencies. David is fluent in the technical terminology used from the cockpit to the boardroom and has consulted on global operations for over 27 years.


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