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Unmasked In Flight Is Unsafe

Unmasked In Flight Is Unsafe

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Sometimes that means changing the way we’ve done things before.

Like wearing an appropriate mask while flying – even when traveling with familiar co-workers, friends, and family. And that includes your flight crew.

Because science indicates that transmission via aerosol – droplets in the air – is this virus’ preferred method of transmission. And because virus carriers can be asymptomatic, masks need to be mandatory for all while aboard your aircraft.

In Unmasked In Flight Is Unsafe, MedAire’s Global Medical Director Dr. Paulo Alves details why you and your flight crew need to wear such masks at all times when flying aboard your aircraft. Even at altitudes where wearing an O2 mask in the cockpit is mandatory.

Uncomfortable? Perhaps. But preferable to unsafe.

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Thanks for reading, listening – and flying safely!

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  1. Your opinion or is there science (not scientists) behind your thoughts, if so make another video and present them…..


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