2021 –Off To The Races… Or Just Off?

Whew! We sure are glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror.

Fewer than 600 new business turbine aircraft were sold, and only 2,470 retail pre-owned aircraft deals consummated. And that’s despite a hectic December, as fears that the 100% bonus depreciation would be canceled drove buyers to close by yearend.

So what does 2021 hold for aircraft owners and charterers? What does it mean for you? Join me and guests Rolland Vincent of Rolland Vincent Associates and JETNET’s Paul Cardarelli in Business Aviation Advisor’s 2021: Off To The Races…Or Just Off? as we explore the forecast for new and pre-owned aircraft price and sales activity. 

When there’s more to be said than space and copy deadlines allow, you can rely on the Business Aviation Advisor “Above and Beyond” podcast series to get you the information you need, enabling you to make the most of your aviation investments.

Publisher of Business Aviation Advisor, has nearly 50 years in business aviation including executive positions at aircraft management/charter and ground services companies. He is a past director of the NATA and Corporate Angel Network.


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