Designed for Speed – And Comfort! Embraer’s Jay Beever and Porsche Design’s Roland Heiler

Business aviation is all about saving time –  you fly according to your schedule, departing and arriving at your convenience. 

But convenience is only part of the timesaving equation. You need speed and comfort to make your travel time effective, and get the most out of life – in the air andon the ground.

In Designed for Speed – and Comfort, Embraer’s Jay Beever and Porsche Design’s Roland Heiler discuss how their companies came together to create the interior and exterior features shared by the Duet: a limited edition combination of the Phenom 300E and the Porsche 911 Turbo S. 

When there’s more to be said than space and copy deadlines allow, you can rely on the Business Aviation Advisor Above and Beyond podcast series to get you the information you need, enabling you to make the most of your aviation investments.

Publisher of Business Aviation Advisor, has nearly 50 years in business aviation including executive positions at aircraft management/charter and ground services companies. He is a past director of the NATA and Corporate Angel Network.


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