Aviation safety is the timely focus of this month’s issue, thanks to BloombergBusiness. In May, it ran a story stating that “Private jets have more fatal accidents than commercial airlines.” The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) responded immediately, pointing out that Bloomberg’s data were wrong – and by way of apology, Bloomberg stepped up and immediately printed the NBAA’s letter and data.

Our focus in this issue is on some of the less visible, but no less critical, safety considerations.

Amy Nelson tells you how to avoid mishap and prepare for inflight emergencies, and why you and your regular passengers should consider taking an emergency safety training course. David Dalpiaz describes ways to control your maintenance expenses without compromising your safety. Caterina Taylor explains how to make your international travel more secure, while our panel of aviation Internet experts helps you protect your data in the sky.

On the ground, safety at home is something most of us enjoy and may even take for granted.

Not so for more than 10 million Americans – the overwhelming majority of them young and female – who will be the target of violence this year, most in their own home.

I’d like to call your attention to the advertisement for Web of Benefit, Inc. Web of Benefit, Inc., the first recipient of our newly created Business Aviation Media Corporate Charitable Giving Program.

Founded by Johanna Crawford, Web of Benefit, Inc. helps women who’ve already left their abuser and need just a boost to create a safe, self-sufficient new life for themselves and their children.

In less than 11 years, Web of Benefit has awarded more than 1,900 Self-Sufficiency grants, to help women in Boston, Chicago, and now (via Skype) across the U.S., move forward by helping them meet critical initial needs such as housing stabilization, education, computers, child care, transportation, health care, and micro-financing to start small businesses.

And by requiring each recipient to “pay it forward” to three other survivors, Web of Benefit helps each woman develop her own ability to help others. Learn more about – and find out how you can join us in supporting – this small organization that’s getting powerful results at www.webofbenefit.org.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading! BAA

Publisher of Business Aviation Advisor, has nearly 50 years in business aviation including executive positions at aircraft management/charter and ground services companies. He is a past director of the NATA and Corporate Angel Network.


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