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David Collogan has covered aviation in Washington, DC for more than four decades. This award-wining journalist is known as one of the most knowledgeable, balanced, wary, and trusted journalists in the aviation community.
Robert L. Sumwalt, 14th Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

NTSB Chairman Stepping Down

It’s a shame when really effective people get pushed out of senior government posts for purely political reasons, but it happens every time a...
Aircraft GPS Signal Jamming

GPS Signal Jamming

Veteran travelers know pilots must deal with all sorts of contingencies – worsening weather, air traffic delays, and mechanical problems among the most common.  What...
President-elect Joe Biden nominated his former political rival Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation.

Mayor Pete Heads to Washington

It would have been nice if Joe Biden picked someone with relevant experience to head the Department of Transportation. Instead, he used a Cabinet...
Stephen Dickson will be FAA Administrator four more years…and that’s a good thing

Much-Needed Continuity at FAA

Like so many segments of the U.S. economy, the uncertainties facing the aviation industry are daunting as 2021 beckons from just around the corner....
Staying Home Is Not An Option

Staying Home Is Not An Option

Air transportation is all about moving individuals and goods from one place to another. So while billions of people around the globe try to...
Bizav Travel Safety During a Pandemic

Travel Safety During a Pandemic

Watching federal officials and the scheduled airlines trying to come up with a standardized approach for protecting passengers from exposure to the COVID-19 virus...
BizAv Buffeted By COVID-19, Economic Uncertainty

BizAv Buffeted By COVID-19, Economic Uncertainty

The business aviation industry, which began the year with optimistic sales and growth expectations, was reeling less than a month into spring as travel...
Different Year, Different Concerns

Different Year, Different Concerns

Three years ago the business aviation industry had a pile of worries on its plate. Donald J. Trump, the wild-card Republican candidate, had just...
Asserting FAA’s Authority

Asserting FAA’s Authority

FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson appeared before the full House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Dec. 11 to respond to wide-ranging questions about the certification of...
Prioritizing Safety When Chartering

Prioritizing Safety When Chartering

When choosing a charter operator, there are many different factors to consider. Customers routinely focus on price, the type of aircraft available, service, and...